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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Soul of a Horse by Joe Camp

Recently I did a book swap with Joe camp and recived a copy of his brilliant book The Soul of a Horse life lessons from the herd .In return I sent him a copy of The Healing Touch .

My book has brought me in touch with some marvellous ambassadors for the horse and Joe is certainly one of these with humour, insight. honesty and humility he describes the adventures which he experiences with his wife Kathleen when they become involved with horses starting with one and ending up owning 7 !! Beautifuly written and echoing my own beliefs about horse care and management and training the book also brilliantly runs a story alongside about a youny boy and a stallion. A superb and entertaining read with a real soul meaning.However we must always refect upon how difficult it is for people to give their horse the sort of freedom Joe and his wife and indeed I myself do.I never take it away from my many friends who love their horses dearly and really do give the best they can. Not everyone is in a position to or can afford to let their horses live like this but they really do care for their equines and it is this which counts to the horse.Five stars from me

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